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인피니트 컴백한다고 응원해준 인스피릿♡넘고마워요~♡
날씨가많이덥죠? 제가더덥게 해줄게요~선물~힛♧♧


Inspirits who came to cheer for us because INFINITE was having a comeback♡Thank you so much~♡
The weather is very hot, right? I’m going to make it hotter~Present~Hee♧♧

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

I live for moments like this~

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Sungjong’s cute laugh (๑>◡<๑)

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60 seconds is all I need for this story 

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140726 leaving MBC Music Core © L’aile | do not edit/crop/remove the watermark.

140726 leaving MBC Music Core 
© L’aile | do not edit/crop/remove the watermark.

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